Original paper

Polar constituents of some Black Sea red and brown algae and their application into chemotaxonomy and chemoevolution

Kamenarska, Zornitsa; Ivanova, Albena; Stancheva, Rosalina; Stefanov, Kamen; Dimitrova-Konaklieva, Stefka; Popov, Simeon


The polar compounds from six Black Sea red algae and six Black Sea brown algae were obtained by extraction of the defatted total extracts with n-butanol, silylated and investigated by GC/MS. Mainly acids, polyols, and sugars were found. The results obtained were compared with recent data for the composition of the polar components of other Black Sea red algae. Some conclusions about the chemotaxonomy of the species investigated were proposed. The red and brown algae showed specific differences in the metabolism of the polar compounds. The known functions of some of the polar compounds are discussed.


algaerhodophytaphaeophytapolar compoundschemotaxonomy