Original paper

Mineralization of two kinds of phytodetritus in water column of the submountain dam reservoir (southern Poland): Simulated experiments

Bednarz, Teresa; Starzecka, Aleksandra; Mazurkiewicz-Boroń, Grażyna


The mineralization of blooming detritus (composed of Cryptomonas erosa + Cyclotella sp.) and Scenedesmus quadricauda detritus added to the water from Dobczyce dam reservoir and investigated in spring seasons of the years 2002 (during water bloom) and 2003 (without water bloom) were investigated. It was found that from 31.4 mg C dm−3 of Scenedesmus quadricauda detritus added to the water, 41 % of C could be mineralized in the whole water column in time of 37.3 days. However, blooming detritus added to the water in the same quantity could be mineralised in 100% down to 10 m depth in time 18.4 days. The differences in the rate of mineralization (expressed as O2 consumption and as CO2 released) between two kinds of phytodetritus at particular depths of water were highly statistically significant.


algal detritusmineralizationrespirationsedimentation