Original paper

Pediastrum willei nom. et sp. nov. (Chlorophyta, Neochloridales) from the Ebro river (Spain) and its relations to P. muticum Kutz. sensu Brunnthaler 1915 pro parte

Gonzalez, Augusto; Comasdel Carmen Perez Baliero, Mariadel; Rio Rams, Julio; Gonzalez,


On samples collected near to the mouth of the Ebro river, Spain, a very interesting Pediastrum species was found. By its main morphological features the alga is probably identical with Pediastrum muticum Kütz. sensu Brunnthaler 1915 p.p. After special study by LM and SEM, the authors propose a new name and describe a new species (P. willei nom. et sp. nov.). The present paper offers taxomical comments on other related taxa.


chlorophytaneochloridalespediastrumtaxonomynew descriptionsebro riverspain