Original paper

Dichothrix ledereri sp. nova, a new cyanobacterium from old coal/mining deposits, and occurrence of the genus Dichothrix (Cyanobacteria, Nostocales) in the Czech Republic

Skácelová, Olga


A new species from nostocalean cyanobacteria with heteropolar filaments, occurring in an extreme and new habitat originated by human impact (shallow wetland with precipitating minerals situated on the wasterock in Sokolov coal basin) was studied. Morphological features correspond with cyanobacteria from the genus Dichothrix (heteropolar trichoms and false branching), but it differs from all species described till the present both in morphology and environmental demands. The described species should be therefore included into this genus as a new species. Dichothrix ledereri spec. nova is described here and the ecological characteristics are presented. Another Dichothrix species found in the Czech Republic at present, D. orsiniana Born. et Flah., occurs in clear springs, fountains and mountain creeks; recently it was found in a spring in the Moravian Karst. The historical survey of Dichothrix findings in the Czech Republic is presented and data about the occurrence of this genus in other parts of Europe are reviewed. Ecological demands of various Dichothrix species are discussed.


dichothrixwaste rockextreme biotopeheteropolartrichomesfalse branchingsheath