Original paper

New morphospecies of Symplocastrum (Phormidiaceae, Oscillatoriales) from aerophytic habitats in Brazil

Branco, Luis Henrique Z.; de P. Azevedo, Maria Teresa; Sant'Anna, Célia Leite; Komárek, Jiří


In 1898, Kirchner raised the sub-genus Symplocastrum of Schizothrix to genus level but this taxonomic scheme has not been followed in the most classical monographies. However, it is actually considered a valid genus and placed in the family Phormidiaceae. During different studies on aerophytic cyanoprokaryotes from Brazil, some populations of Symplocastrum were collected and found to be distinct from the described species. Three new species, Symplocastrum corticiculum, S. parallelum and S. selvaticum, are proposed, based on morphological and environmental criteria. Further additional molecular studies are recommended to better define these newly described species and to corroborate with the taxonomic criteria of this group of organisms.


symplocastrumnew speciesphormidiaceaeaerophyticbrazil