Original paper

Some taxonomical and nomenclatural changes in the genus Trachelomonas Ehrenb. emend. Defl. (Euglenophyta)

Couté, Alain; Tell, Guillermo


This paper deals with the taxonomic and nomenclatural revision of some species and infraspecific taxa of the genus Trachelomonas (Euglenophyceae). Twelve changes are suggested. Among them, we propose new synonyms for the following four taxa: Trachelomonas acanthophora var. minor Balech et Dastugue, T. acanthophora var. speciosa (Defl.) Balech, T. hispida (Perty) Stein emend. Defl. and T. superba var. swirenkiana Defl.; the identification of an unnamed but previously illustrated and described individual: T. amphoriformis var. granulosa Couté et Iltis; a new variety: T. megalacantha da Cunha var. paucispina Couté et Tell, and five new status and new combinations: T. crateriphora (Conforti et Ruiz) Couté et Tell, T. duplex (Defl.) Couté et Tell, T. rugulosa var. paralella fo. paralella (Tell et Zalocar) Couté et Tell and T. rugulosa var. paralella fo. minima (Conforti et Ruiz) Couté et Tell.