Algological Studies/Archiv für Hydrobiologie, Supplement Volumes - No. 105

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Algological Studies 105 ( = Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. Vol. 143)

2002. 190 pages, 131 figures, 24 tables, 5 plates, 16x25cm, 460 g
Language: English

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Original paper

Euglena zakrysiae sp. nova (Euglenophyceae), a new species from Korean fresh waters

Kim, Jun; Boo, Sung

p. 1-6, published: Jan 1, 2002
3 figures, 2 tables

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Original paper

Validiation of the new combinations of Coelastrella and Neodesmus> and the descritpion of the new subfamily Desmodesmoideae of the Scenedemaceae (Chlorophyta)

Hegewald, Eberhard; Hanagata, Nobutaka

p. 7-9, published: Jan 1, 2002

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Original paper

Diatoms in the termal mud of Abano Terme, Italy (Maturation period)

Tolomio, Claudio; Ceschi Berrini, Cristina; De Appolonia, Francesca; Galzigna, Lauro; Masiero, Luciano; Moro, Isabella; Moschin, Emanuela

p. 11-27, published: Jan 1, 2002
15 figures, 4 tables

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Original paper

Morphology and taxonomy of Cyclotella elentarii spec. nova a newly described centric diatom from a New Zealand lake

Alfinito, Silvia; Tagliaventi, Nadia

p. 29-38, published: Jan 1, 2002
25 figures

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Original paper

Taxonomy and ecological distribution of the genus Microspora (Microsporaceae, Chlorophyta) in lotic ecosystems of Sao Paulo State, southeastern Brazil

Necchi Jr., Orlando; Spezamiglio, Daniel; Branco, Ciro; Branco, Luis

p. 39-50, published: Jan 1, 2002
9 figures, 1 tables

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Original paper

A phytoplankton collection from Bali, with the description of a new Desmodesmus species (Chlorophyta, Scenedesmaceae)

Hegewald, Eberhard; Coesel, Peter; Hegewald, Pirkko

p. 51-78, published: Jan 1, 2002
31 figures, 1 tables

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Original paper

Rare desmids from garden ornaments and Scottish lochs

Williamson, David

p. 79-86, published: Jan 1, 2002
8 figures

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Original paper

Desmids (Chlorophyta) recorded from wet rocks in Australia

Dingley, Michael

p. 87-94, published: Jan 1, 2002
1 plates

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Original paper

Notes on some interesting freshwater Rhodophyta from Finland

Eloranta, Pertti; Kwadrans, Janina

p. 95-109, published: Jan 1, 2002
19 figures

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Original paper

A light and electron microscopy study on the formation, structure and germination of akinetes of Stigeoclonium tenue (Chaetophorales, Chlorophyceae)

Michetti, Karina; Leonardi, Patricia; Cacares, Eduardo

p. 111-124, published: Jan 1, 2002
4 plates

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Original paper

Modélisation de la croissance de Scenedemus ecornis. Interaction de la lumiere et de la température

Benider, Amina; Dauta, Alain; Belkoura, Mouhssine

p. 125-139, published: Jan 1, 2002
5 figures, 5 tables

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Original paper

Survival in darkeness and heterotrophic growth of epilithic cyanobacteria from temples of India

Adhikary, Siba

p. 141-155, published: Jan 1, 2002
4 figures, 4 tables

ArtNo. ESP142014300012 Price: 29.00 €

Original paper

Control of epilithic cyanobacterial mats of the temples of India using algicides

Adhikary, Siba

p. 157-171, published: Jan 1, 2002
6 figures, 5 tables

ArtNo. ESP142014300013 Price: 29.00 €

Original paper

Transversal profiles of dissolved oxygen in thin-layer open outdoor algal cultures

Lívanský, Karel

p. 173-187, published: Jan 1, 2002
5 figures, 2 tables

ArtNo. ESP142014300014 Price: 29.00 €

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