Algological Studies/Archiv für Hydrobiologie, Supplement Volumes - No. 21

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Algological Studies 21 ( = Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. Vol. 51/4)

1978. 113 pages, 58 figures, 8 tables, 16x24cm, 330 g
Language: English

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Original paper

Coccal blue-green algae from the thermal springs at Piest'any and Sklené Teplice Spa in Slovakia

Hindák, František

p. 359-376, published: Jan 1, 1978
12 figures

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Original paper

Eugleneenstudie aus Teichen des Waldviertels

[Studies in Eugleninae of the Waldviertel fish-ponds, Austria]

Wawrik, Friederike

p. 377-383, published: Jan 1, 1978
4 figures

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Original paper

Investigations on the lakes of Peru and their phytoplankton. 4. The algae of Laguna Paca with special reference to Chodatella subsalsa and Scenedesmus ellipticus

Hegewald, Eberhard; Schnepf, Eberhard; Aldave, Augusto

p. 384-392, published: Jan 1, 1978
18 figures

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Original paper

Diatomeen-Differentialarten anstelle von Leitformen: ein geeigneteres Kriterium der Gewässerbelastung

["Differentiating species" of diatoms: a better criterium of water pollution than "leading indicators"]

Lange-Bertalot, Horst

p. 393-427, published: Jan 1, 1978
12 figures, 3 tables

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Original paper

Effect of some amino acids on growth and heterocysts of the blue-green alga Gloeotrichia sp.

Pattnaik, U.; Singh, P. K.

p. 428-433, published: Jan 1, 1978
1 figures

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Original paper

Circadian periodicity of algal photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll a content in laboratory experiments

Komárková, Jaroslava

p. 434-443, published: Jan 1, 1978
4 figures, 2 tables

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Original paper

Der Einfluß von CO2-Versorgung, Beleuchtungsstärke und Temperatur auf die Konzentration extrazellulärer organischer Substanz in Synchronkulturen von Scenedesmus acutus

[On the influence of CO2 supply, light intensity, and temperature on the concentration of extracellular organic substance in synchronous cultures of Scenedesmus acutus]

Bolze, Alfred

p. 444-455, published: Jan 1, 1978
2 figures, 3 tables

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Original paper

Turbidostat culture of blue-green algae. II. Control system independent of pigmentation and organism adherence

Erdmann, Norbert; Schiewer, Ulrich

p. 456-467, published: Jan 1, 1978
5 figures

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Original paper

New Books

Author, Anonymous

p. 468-472, published: Jan 1, 1978

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