Algological Studies/Archiv für Hydrobiologie, Supplement Volumes - No. 70

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Algological Studies 70 ( = Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. Vol. 98)

Ed.: O. Lhotsky; Academy of Sciences Inst. of Botany

1993. 123 pages, 45 figures, 24 tables, 5 plates, 16x24cm, 330 g
Language: English

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Original paper

Studies on Scenedesmus costato-granulatus var. elegans (Hortob.) Hegewald et Krienitz comb. et stat. nov.

Hegewald, Eberhard; Krienitz; Lothar

p. 1-10, published: Jan 1, 1993
2 tables, 4 plates

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Original paper

Systematics of freshwater Audouinella (Acrochaetiaceae, Rhodophyta) in North America. 1. The reddish species

Necchi Júnior, Orlando; Sheath, Robert G.; Cole, Kathleen M.

p. 11-28, published: Jan 1, 1993
10 figures, 5 tables

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Original paper

Typification of names enumerated in Pringsheim monograph of Coleochaete (Charophyceae)

Szyma´nska, Hanna; Spalik, Krzysztof

p. 29-37, published: Jan 1, 1993
1 plates

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Original paper

Gametes in Scenedesmus armatus (Chlorophyceae)

Trainor, Francis R.

p. 39-49, published: Jan 1, 1993
3 figures, 3 tables

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Original paper

Influence of irradiance and temperature on the Cyanobacterium Aphanothece stagnina Sprengel isolated from the Darss-Zingst Estuary (Southern Baltic) under continuous turbidostat culture

Shuhong Zhuang; Schubert, Hendrik; Schiewer, Ulrich

p. 51-63, published: Jan 1, 1993
5 figures, 3 tables

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Original paper

Heterotrophic growth of several filamentous blue-green algae

Bastia, Akshaya K.; Satapathy, Durga P.; Adhikary, Siba P.

p. 65-70, published: Jan 1, 1993
1 tables

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Original paper

Comparison of development and metabolic activity of algae and bacteria in soils under the influence of short- and long-term contamination with metallurgic industrial dusts

Starzecka, Aleksandra; Bednarz, Teresa

p. 71-88, published: Jan 1, 1993
10 figures, 2 tables

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Original paper

Oxygen concentration as a control tool of running mass algal culture

Gabev, Assen; Fournadzieva, Sevdalina; Dittrt, František

p. 89-95, published: Jan 1, 1993
6 figures

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Original paper

pCO_2 and pO_2 profiles along the flow of algal suspension in open solar culture units: Verification of a mathematical model

Lívanský, Karel; Kajan, Miroslav; Pilarski, Plamen S.

p. 97-119, published: Jan 1, 1993
11 figures, 8 tables

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Original paper

New books

Author, Anonymous

p. 121-123, published: Jan 1, 1993

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