Algological Studies/Archiv für Hydrobiologie, Supplement Volumes - No. 80

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Algological Studies 80 ( = Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. Vol. 112)

Ed.: Ed. O. Lhotsky

1996. 132 pages, 200 figures, 8 tables, 2 maps, 16x24cm, 390 g
Language: English

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Original paper

Anabaenopsis abijatae, a new cyanophyte from Lake Abijata, an alkaline, saline lake in the Ethiopian Rift Valley

Kebede, Elizabeth; Willén, Eva

p. 1-8, published: Jan 1, 1996
4 figures, 1 tables

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Original paper

Three new planktic Staurastrum taxa (Chlorophyta, Desmidiaceae) from eutrophic water bodies and the significance of microspecies in desmid taxonomy

Coesel, Peter F. M.; Joosten, Anton M. T.

p. 9-20, published: Jan 1, 1996
14 figures

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Original paper

Autoecology of Cyanocatena bicudoi sp. nova, a new Cyanophycea from Parque Norte lagoon, Colombia

Ramírez, John Jairo

p. 21-34, published: Jan 1, 1996
7 figures, 5 tables

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Original paper

Survey of stream macroalgae of eastern Atlantic Rainforest of São Paulo State, Southeastern Brazil

Branco, Ciro Cesar Zanini; Necchi, Orlando Júnior

p. 35-57, published: Jan 1, 1996
55 figures

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Original paper

Synurophyceae et Chrysophyceae à écailles siliceuses du rio dos Sinos, RS, Brésil

[Synurophyceae and Chrysophyceae with silica scales from rio dos Sinos, RS, Brazil]

Franceschini, Iara Maria; Couté, Alain; Silva, Amaury Junior

p. 59-85, published: Jan 1, 1996
54 figures, 1 tables

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Original paper

More desmids from the Ikpoba reservoir, Nigeria: Comparison with other African records

Kadiri, Medina Omo

p. 87-98, published: Jan 1, 1996
34 figures

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Original paper

Cyanophte flora from Cardoso Island mangroves, São Paulo State, Brazil. 1. Chroococcales

Branco, Luis Henrique Zanini; Sant'Anna, Célia Leite; Paiva Azevedo, Maria Tereza de; Sormus, Laine

p. 99-111, published: Jan 1, 1996
27 figures

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Original paper

Diurnal changes of planktonic diatoms in the River Danube near Budapest (Hungary)

Kiss, Keve T.

p. 113-122, published: Jan 1, 1996
2 figures, 1 tables

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Original paper

Characterization of Mastigocladus laminosus var. indica (Cyanophyceae, Stigonematales) in culture

Voloshko, Ludmila N.; Mamkaeva, Kira A.; Gromov, Boris V.

p. 123-128, published: Jan 1, 1996
3 figures

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Original paper

New books

Author, Anonymous

p. 129-132, published: Jan 1, 1996

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