Algological Studies/Archiv für Hydrobiologie, Supplement Volumes - No. 81

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Algological Studies 81 ( = Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. Vol. 114)

Ed.: Ed.: O. Lhotsky

1996. 117 pages, 32 figures, 22 tables, 6 plates, 16x24cm, 310 g
Language: English

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Original paper

Genetic and morphological variability among clones of Euglena pisciformis based on RAPD and biometric analysis

Zakrýs, Bożena; Kucharski, Robert; Moraczewski, Ireneusz

p. 1-21, published: Jan 1, 1996
6 figures, 4 tables, 5 plates

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Original paper

Microevolutionary processes in Euglena pisciformis. Genetic drift or adaptation?

Zakrýs, Bożena; Kucharski, Robert

p. 23-37, published: Jan 1, 1996
3 figures, 1 tables, 1 plates

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Original paper

Variability of nucleoid morphology of some cyanophytes growing under various growth conditions

Cepák, Vladislav

p. 39-52, published: Jan 1, 1996
6 figures, 1 tables

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Original paper

Photoadaptation to spectral quality of light in the red alga Porphyridium cruentum

Kopecký, Jiří; Doucha, Jiří; Loest, Karin; Pulz, Otto

p. 53-67, published: Jan 1, 1996
6 figures, 4 tables

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Original paper

Phytoplankton composition, community structure and seasonal changes in a tropical reservoir (Paranoá Reservoir, Brazil)

Branco, Christina W. C.; Senna, Pedro A. C.

p. 69-84, published: Jan 1, 1996
3 figures, 2 tables

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Original paper

Temporal variation of dry weight, organic matter, chlorophyll a + phaeopigments and organic carbon of the periphyton on leaves of Typha dominguensis

Fernandes, Valéria de O.; Esteves, Francisco de A.

p. 85-98, published: Jan 1, 1996
5 figures, 1 tables

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Original paper

Viscosity of algal cultures and estimation of turbulency in devices for the mass culture of microalgae

Petkov, Georgi D.; Bratkova, Svetlana G.

p. 99-104, published: Jan 1, 1996
2 tables

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Original paper

Influence of the nutrient solution recycling on the productivity of Scenedesmus obliquus, utilization of nutrients and water in outdoor cultures

Lívanský, Karel; Dědič, Karel; Bínová, Jana; Tichý, Vladimir; Novotný, Petr; Doucha, Jiří

p. 105-113, published: Jan 1, 1996
3 figures, 7 tables

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Original paper

New books

Author, Anonymous

p. 115-117, published: Jan 1, 1996

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