Communiqué scientifique

Announcement: A Society for European Freshwater Scientists

De Boeck, G.; Bretschko, G.; Hildrew A. G., ; Laanbroek, H. J.; Matěna, J.; Padisák, J.; Reynolds, C. S.


This announcement reports on an exploration of the need for a forum to promote basic freshwater science in Europe. Specifically, it sets out the motives for the initiative and it describes progress made up to the convening of a discussion meeting, held at the Centrum voor Limnologie of the Nederlands Instituut voor Oecologisch Onderzoek (NIOO-CL) on 18 November, 1997. It also gives a summary of these discussions, in the belief that they will be of interest to all freshwater scientists in Europe. This means of communication is appropriate, for the group which met was not, in any sense, representative and it has no mandate from any authority or assembly.


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