Original paper

Characterisation of bacterial and algal pigments and breakdown products by HPLC in mixed freshwater planktonic populations

Le Bris, S.; Plante-Cuny, M.-R.; Vacelet, E.

Archiv für Hydrobiologie Volume 143 Number 4 (1998), p. 409 - 434

64 references

published: Nov 10, 1998

DOI: 10.1127/archiv-hydrobiol/143/1998/409

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In order to characterise bacterial and algal photopigments and derived compounds in mixed populations we tested two HPLC procedures modified from Manoura & Llewellyn 1983 (PI) and Kraay et al. 1992 (PH) which differed in the polarity of solvents and columns. The same numbers of compounds were found in algal extracts with both procedures, however, with a better separation of algal carotenoids and the presence of chlorophyllide b with PII. In contrast, higher numbers of homologues and breakdown products were found with PI for bacterial pigments, and spirilloxanthin was found only with this procedure. The criteria of elution order differed according to the procedure. In all of our samples we regularly found compounds assigned to be bacteriochlorophyllides, bacteriophaeophytins and bacteriophaeophorbides derived from bacteriochlorophylls a, c and d, some of them as yet unreported, and three unidentified carotenoids accompanying those usually found in Rhodospirillaceae.


bacterial pigmentsalgal pigmentsbreakdown productsHPLCfresh-waterplanktonic populations