Original paper

Changes of Leptodora kindti abundance (1957-1996) in a planktivorous fishes-dominated subtropical Chinese lake (lake Donghu)

Xie, Ping; Huang, Xiangfei; Takamura, Noriko

Archiv für Hydrobiologie Volume 147 Number 3 (2000), p. 351 - 372

51 references

published: Feb 3, 2000

DOI: 10.1127/archiv-hydrobiol/147/2000/351

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The changes of L. kindti density from 1957 to 1996 were studied in a shallow, eutrophic Chinese lake, Lake Donghu. Despite the fact that the fish yield of planktivorous fish (silver carp and bighead carp) has increased steadily, the population density ofL. kindti has also increased since 1957 and peaked in 1982/1983. The increase of both fish and L. kindti densities during this period may have benefitted from a considerable increase in the densities of their zooplankton prey, and fish predation on L. kindti might have been minor. As the fish yield increased further, their predation began to suppress most zooplankton prey including L. kindti. The largely increased fish predation on L. kindti is also evidenced by the remarkable decline of their body length after 1984. The density of L. kindti was significantly higher at the pelagic station (II) than at the littoral station (I), although for L. kindti, the littoral zone was significantly more resource profitable than the pelagic zone. The gradient of fish predation (more fish in the littoral zone) is the most likely explanation, since L. kindti is reported to be a preferred prey for many planktivorous fishes.


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