Original paper

Genetic differentiation among gammarid (Eulimnogammarus cyaneus) populations in Lake Baikal, East Siberia

Mashiko, Kazuo; Kamaltynov, Ravil; Morino, Hiroshi; Sherbakov, Dmitril Yu.

Archiv für Hydrobiologie Volume 148 Number 2 (2000), p. 249 - 261

25 references

published: Apr 14, 2000

DOI: 10.1127/archiv-hydrobiol/148/2000/249

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Genetic differentiation of Eulimnogammarus cyaneus, a littoral gammaridean amphipod endemic to Lake Baikal, was investigated by allozyme analyses of 21 gene loci. Individuals from 29 sites around the entire lake were differentiated into northern and southern population groups with a Nei's genetic distance of 0.035 (Gst = 0.020). The distribution of the two groups in the lake approximately corresponded with the bathymetric division between the north basin and the central and south basins. No notable physical barrier to prevent genetic mixing between the two groups is recognized in the lake at present, so the two groups should have been spatially isolated and then genetically differentiated within this limnetic system through significant drops of lake level in the past. The two groups are now in close contact at a narrow area near Olkhon Strait along the west coast of the lake. Differently colored individuals of this species appeared to form a panmictic population in each habitat.


gammarid populationsLake BaikalSiberiaEulimnogammarus cyaneus