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Distribution of woody debris in a small headwater lake, central Ontario, Canada.

Mallory, E. C.; Ridgway, M. S.; Gordon, A. M.; Kaushik, N. K.

Archiv für Hydrobiologie Volume 148 Number 4 (2000), p. 587 - 606

49 references

published: Jun 28, 2000

DOI: 10.1127/archiv-hydrobiol/148/2000/587

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The distribution of woody debris in the littoral zone of a small, oligotrophic headwater lake in south central Ontario, Canada was studied. Coarse woody debris (CWD) was defined as pieces of wood with a large-end diameter ≥l0 cm and medium woody debris (MWD) as pieces of wood with a small-end diameter of 2.5 to l0 cm. The mean length, diameter and volume of CWD was 530.4 cm, 17.3 cm and l81.9 dm3. For MWD, these parameters were 52.2 cm, 5.0 cm and 1.43 dm3, respectively. CWD was determined to be present at 1.18 pieces/m shore line occupying a volume of 0.212 m3/m shore line (0.0212 m3/m2). MWD was estimated to be present at 24 pieces/m shore line occupying a volume of 0.034 m3/m shore line (0.0034 m3/m2). There were significant correlations between the slope of the ecotonal lake bottom and number of CWD pieces found at each site and between water depth and volume of MWD, which suggests a trend for greater accumulation in steeper, deeper areas as opposed to shallower bays.


woody debrisheadwater lakeOntarioCanada