Original paper

Life history, production and coexistence of two leptophlebiid mayflies in three sites along a Northern Spain stream

González, Jose M.; Basaguren, Ana; Pozo, Jesús


The life history and temporal dynamics in density, biomass, growth rate and secondary production of Habrophlebia lauta and Habroleptoides confusa were compared in 3 sites along the Agüera stream in northern Spain. Both species had univoltine winter life histories. Hb. lauta showed greater abundance and production at downstream sites, while Hd. confusa did at the headwater site. The life history and temporal dynamics in population parameters differed between both species. As a result, temporal overlaps of abundance and, especially, production of these two mayflies were very low, which suggests that irrespective of their abundance, interspecific competition between Hb. lauta and Hd. confusa was unimportant along this stream system.


streamslife historiessecondary productioncompetitionephemeroptera.