Original paper

Genetic population structure of a rare, temporary pond dwelling fairy shrimp Linderiella massaliensis (Crustacea: Anostraca)

Meglécz, Emese; Thiéry, Alain


Linderiella massaliensis THIéRY & CHAMPEAU, 1998, is a temporary pond dwelling fairy shrimp. It is an endemic species of France, limited to only five populations. One of these populations is in decline and the habitat of another is strongly perturbed by human impact. The genetic structure of the populations based on 6 allozyme loci suggests that: (i) gene flow is sufficient to prevent the genetic isolation of the populations, but not enough to maintain one large panmictic population despite the short geographical distances between habitatas; (ii) aquatic consumers, such as waterfowl, and underground karstic water flow, can be important for the passive dispersal of the species.


passive dispersalbranchiopodagene flowtemporary pondendemic invertebrateallozyme