Original paper

Combining dialysis and dilution techniques to estimate gross growth rate of phytoplankton and grazing by micro- and mesozooplankton in situ

Stibor, Herwig; Gelzleichter, Anna; Hantzsche, Florian; Sommer, Ulrich; Striebel, Maren; Vadstein, Olav; Olsen, Yngvar


Measurements of in situ phytoplankton growth and grazing by zooplankton normally involve different techniques. We show that a single dilution experiment based on dialysis bags can be used to do these estimates in situ. Dialysis bags allow an estimate of the in situ phytoplankton gross growth rate whereas the dilution gradient allows a simultaneous estimate of microzooplankton grazing. The comparison of the phytoplankton net growth rate outside dialysis bags and the estimated apparent growth rate of phytoplankton in undiluted samples within dialysis bags allows estimating additional loss processes such as mesozooplankton grazing. The method is especially useful in mesocosms experiments.


dilution experimentsdialysis bagsgross growth ratemicrozooplankton grazingmesozooplankton grazing