Original paper

Soeder, C. J.: CO2 fixation and biosynthetic activity of darkened synchronous Chlorella fusca

Galloway, R.A.; Rolle, I.

Archiv für Hydrobiologie Volume 73 Number 1 (1974), p. 1 - 13

29 references

published: Feb 27, 1974

DOI: 10.1127/archiv-hydrobiol/73/1974/1

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In darkened samples of synchronous Chlorella fusca the following aspects of dark metabolism were studied: dark fixation of 14C02, synthesis of protein (measured by Folin's method), synthesis of DNA and RNA, and respiratory CO2 production. The changes of all of these activities along the cellular life cycle are well correlated in the greater part of the cycle. An exception is the hitherto unexplained increase of dark fixation rates in the last hours of the dark period of the 16:8 hrs light-and-dark-cycle. It is concluded that the rate of protein synthesis in the dark determines in most stages of the cell cycle the rate of dark fixation and of respiratory production of CO2 The measurements of dark fixation are influenced by an isotope dilution due to respiratory CO2 production.


Chlorella fuscabiosyntheticprotein synthesis