Original paper

Revision of the genera Pseudamnicola Paulucci 1878 and Mercuria Boeters 1971 from Algeria with particular emphasis on museum collections (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia: Hydrobiidae)

Glöer, Peter; Bouzid, Slimane; Boeters, Hans D.


An extensive investigation of newly collected samples and more than 140 samples of museum collections (Museum Paris and Geneva) of Pseudamnicola spp. as well as of Mercuria spp. of Algeria and Tunisia has been carried out. Nine of the formerly described Pseudamnicola spp, of which we believe that four species are synonyms of Pseudamnicola dupotetiana, could be found in the collections. In addition, nine Pseudamnicola spp. and two Mercuria spp. are described here as being new: Pseudamnicola boucheti n. sp., P. chabii n. sp., P. ghamizii n. sp., P. algeriensis n. sp., P. gerhardfalkneri n. sp., P. calamensis n. sp., P. fineti n. sp., P. linae n. sp., P. rouagi n. sp., Mercuria bourguignati n. sp., and M. gauthieri n. sp.


gastropodahydrobiidaepseudamnicolamercuriaalgeriarevisionnew species