Original paper

New data on the Polyplacophora of Madagascar (Western Indian Ocean) (Mollusca: Polyplacophora)

Dell'Angelo, Bruno; Sabelli, Bruno; Taviani, Marco; Bonfitto, Antonio


The chitons studied here are all from the coral reefs in the Tuléar area, SW Madagascar. This second note on Tuléar chitons benefits of the availability of well preserved complete specimens whereas the previous one (Dell'Angelo et al. 2004) was mainly based on single valves. A small collection of living-collected Polyplacophora from shallow coral reef habitats in Tulèar permits to update the chiton fauna from Madagascar. The material was collected in the 1960s/70s (main collector Jean Francois Brunel in 1971) by people then working at Station Marine d'Endoume, Marseille, and consists of seven species: Callistochiton rotondus Leloup 1981, Chiton kaasi (Leloup 1981), Lucilina tilbrooki Milne 1958, Acanthochitona penicillata (Deshayes 1863), Acanthochitona limbata Kaas 1986, Choneplax indica Odhner 1919, and Cryptoplax sykesi Thiele 1909. Before, Lucilina tilbrooki was formerly only known from Heron Island, Australia. The finding of Callistochiton rotondus is noteworthy because is a very elusive species previously only known from the holotype.


polyplacophorasystematicsbiogeographynew recordscoral reefsmadagascarwestern indian ocean