Original paper

Terrestrial mollusks of Andriantantely Massif, Eastern Madagascar, with descriptions of 36 new species (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda; Pulmonata)

Emberton, Kenneth C.; Slapcinsky, John; Campbell, Chelsey A.; Rakotondrazafy, Judicaël A. Andriamiarison, Tsitohaina N.; Emberton, Josephine D.


An altitudinal transect and other collecting on the eastern side of Andriantantely Massif along the central-east coast of Madagascar resulted in 74 species of terrestrial mollusks including 36 new species: Acroptychia mahafinaritra n. sp., Boucardicus anjarae n. sp., B. avo n. sp., B. hetra n. sp., B. lalinify n. sp., B. mahavariana n. sp., B. matoatoa n. sp., B. menoi n. sp., B. peggyae n. sp., B. pulchellus n. sp., B. tantelyae n. sp., Cyathopoma anjombona n. sp., C. hoditra n. sp., C. iridescens n. sp., C. madio n. sp., C. matsoko n. sp., Fauxulus tsarakely n. sp., Gulella andriantanteliae n. sp., G. thompsoni n. sp., Parvedentulina andriantanteliae n. sp., P. benjamini n. sp., P. jeani n. sp., P. paulayi n. sp., P. thompsoni n. sp., Ampelita owengriffithsi n. sp., Reticulapex michellae n. sp., Kalidos gora n. sp., Kalidos manotrika n. sp., Kalidos manta n. sp., Kaliella crandalli n. sp., Microcystis albosuturalis n. sp., M. fotsifotsy n. sp., M. vony n. sp., Sitala burchi n. sp., S. mavo n. sp., and S. stanisici n. sp.

Andriantantely Massif is one of few tracts of lowland native rainforest remaining along the central coast of eastern Madagascar. Given the richness and endemism of this eastern forest, it is imperative to survey more of the remaining lowland rainforests in the region, while they remain relatively intact and while this information has value for conservation efforts.


madagascarterrestrial gastropodadescription of new species