Original paper

A true Phasianella from the Middle Miocene (Badenian) Central Paratethys of Romania (Gastropoda: Vetigastropoda: Phasianellidae)

Robertson, Robert


Phasianella Lamarck 1804 and Tricolia Risso 1826 are perpetually confused, but are widely different genera. Unlike most or all other Cenozoic (even Eocene) European phasianellid species (belonging in Tricolia), Phasianella brandenburgi O. Boettger (1907) is definitely a Phasianella, sensu stricto. It is from the Middle Miocene (Badenian stage) in the Central Paratethys, Banat region of westem Romania (formerly in Hungary). Otherwise, Phasianella is now restricted to the Recent Indo-West Pacific. Two syntypes of "Helix" [Phasianella] solida Born 1778 are illustrated in color. Phasianella dennanti Crespin 1926, from Victoria, Australia, of Oligo-Pliocene age, is probably not a true Phasianella. P. brandenburgi may be the oldest definitely known species in the genus. Like tridacnine cardiids, Phasianella appears to be a Tethyan relict in the Recent Indo-West Pacific.


phasianelloideaphasianella brandenburgi o. boettger 1907p. solida complex“pâ€. dennantizoogeography