Original paper

Types of the extant taxa of the landsnail genus Orcula Held 1837 (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora: Orculidae)

Harl, J.; Sattmann, H.; Schileyko, A.


The aim of this paper is to reflect the status quo of the taxonomical situation of Orcula Held 1837 which we assume to be a prerequisite for a thorough revision of the whole genus. Illustrated data on type specimens of more than 30 nominal taxa of the genus Orcula are presented. For most taxa the reference to the original description, type locality, place of storage, collection number, nomenclatural status of specimens, measurements of type specimens, and photos of the shells are given. The nomenclatural status and the availability of the taxon names are discussed as well as other important information on the taxa are presented. The selection of taxon subsets for international taxon lists such as the Fauna Europaea Checklist is discussed and different perspectives are shown.