Original paper

Land snails of the family Holospiridae from Northern Mexico: Coelostemma and Metastoma(Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Orthalicoidea)

Thompson, Fred G.; Mihalcik, Elizabeth L.


Northern Mexico land snails of the genera Coelostemma and Metatstoma (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Holospiridae) are reviewed. Six new species are described: Coelostemma (Coelostemma) gracile n. sp., C. (Coelostemma) cordylum n. sp., C. (Coelostemma) costatum n. sp., C. (Apertaxis) salpinx n. sp., C. (Goniapex) scabrum n. sp., and C. (Goniapex) mendax n. sp.). The distributions in Mexico of C. (Goniapex) reiteri Drake 1951 and Metastoma roemeri (Pfeiffer 1848) are discussed. The soft anatomy of Coelostemma shows very little variation among diverse species in the genus, and it does not differentiate the genus from other Holospiridae.


taxonomynew speciesgastropodaholospiridaemexico