Original paper

New fossil pulmonate snails from the Paleocene of Itaboraí Basin, Brazil (Pulmonata: Cerionidae, Strophocheilidae, Orthalicidae)

Salvador, Rodrigo Brincalepe; de Simone, Luiz Ricardo Lopes


The limestones of Itabora? Basin (Middle Paleocene), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, harbor a rich fossil fauna of pulmonate snails. Here two new pulmonate species are described: Brasilennea guttula sp. nov. (Cerionidae) and Eoborus rotundus sp. nov. (Strophocheilidae). B. guttula is the third species of its genus endemic from Itabora?, characterized mainly by its conspicuous shell shaped like a “water drop“, with an acuminated spire. E. rotundus is the second of its genus from Itabora?, characterized mainly by its rounded outline and its relative small size. Moreover, a record of Plagiodontes aff. dentatus (Wood 1828) (Orthalicidae) is presented here for the first time for Itabora? Basin.


brasilenneaeoborusplagiodontesnew speciescerionidaestrophocheilidaeorthalicidaemiddle paleocene tertiary