Original paper

Bivalves of the family Vesicomyidae from the Neogene Mediterranean basin (Bivalvia: Vesicomyidae)

Janssen, Ronald; Krylova, Elena M.


For the first time a diverse vesicomyid fauna (subfamily Pliocardiinae) represented by four genera (Waisiuconcha, Isorropodon, Cytherocadia and Laubiericoncha?) is recorded from the European Neogene (Miocene and Pliocene). One new species, Waisiuconcha borelliana, is described from the Late Miocene (Messinian) of Italy. One more new species of Waisiuconcha is described but not named from the Early Miocene which is the oldest record of the genus. The species previously described as Kelliella ruggierii Ceregato & Tabanelli 2001 is transferred to the genus Waisiuconcha. The affinities of Waisiuconcha with the genus Kelliella are discussed. Priority of Venus? miliaris Philippi 1844 as the type species of the genus Kelliella over Kellia abyssicola Forbes 1844 is demonstrated. It is shown that the genus Cytherocardia Sacco 1900, known from the Early Miocene of Italy, and formerly placed in the Glossidae, belongs to the Vesicomyidae. The earliest record of vesicomyids in the Mediterranean area shifts from the Middle Miocene to the Early Miocene. The relationships of Miocene vesicomyids of the Mediterranean area and their possible roots are discussed. A distinct Tethyan affinity of that fauna is suggested. In an appendix the systematic position of the genus Sulcocardia Rovereto 1898 is considered.


waisiuconchaisorropodonlaubiericonchacytherocardiasulcocardiavesicomyidaekelliellanew speciestaxonomymiocenepliocenefranceitalymediterranean basintethyan seaway