Original paper

Tortonian gastropods and bivalves from a transgressive succession near Cessaniti (Italy: Calabria)

D'Amico, Carmine; Esu, Daniela; Girotti, Odoardo


Molluscan fauna from a short stratigraphic section of Tortonian age (located near Cessaniti, Calabria) was investigated in terms of systematics, paleoecology and palaeobiogeography. Thirty-eight taxa were identified (thirty-two gastropods and six bivalves). They form characteristic assemblages at different levels, indicating variations from freshwater to brackish and marine conditions, typical of an estuarine environment. About two thirds of the species became extinct in the Mediterranean area at the end of the Tortonian. A group of species was widespread in the Aquitaine, North Alpine Foreland Basin and Mediterranean realm since the Early Miocene. About 50% of the identified taxa are also known from the Early-Middle Miocene of the Paratethys.


molluscssystematicspaleoecologypalaeobiogeographytortonianmiocenesouthern italy