Original paper

Radiation of an eastern Mediterranean landsnail genus: revision of the taxa belonging to Metafruticicola Von Ihering1892

Bank, Ruud A.; Gittenberger, Edmund; Neubert, Eike


Over the last 30 years, a considerable amount ofMetafruticicola material has been collected. Here, a monographic revision is provided of the genus, which is mainly based on conchological characters, but descriptions of the genital system of eight species (and in addition two subspecies) are given as well. The distribution area of the genus, namely the eastern Mediterranean, ranges Two species are polytypic, accounting for eight subspecies. All synonyms and localities are listed, the distribution is illustrated on maps, and scanning electron micrographs are given to provide an insight of the shell microsculpture (protoconch and teleoconch). New for science are: one subgenus (Rothifruticicola), six species (M.crassicosta, M .monticola ,M.ottmari, M.pieperi, M .rugosissima, M.uluborluensis) and one subspecies (M .nicosiana maasseni).


taxonomygenital anatomygastropodapulmonatahygromiidaemetafrutici-colaradiationgreeceturkeycyprussyrialebanonisrael