Original paper

Freshwater molluscs from Nepal and North India with the description of seven new species

Glöer, Peter; Bössneck, Ulrich


New records from recent research activities in Nepal and North India revealed 20 freshwater gastropod species, of which seven are described as new. The most diverse families are the Bithyniidae with six new species (Bithynia prestoni n. sp.,Bithynia subbaraoi n. sp.,Bithynia bensoni n. sp.,Bithynia reharensis n. sp.,Bithynia raptiensis n. sp.,Bithynia ghodaghodiensis n. sp.), followed by the Planorbidae with one new species,Gyraulus kosiensis n. sp. In addition to the new species, we found three that have not been mentioned for Nepal before:Gyraulus sivalensis (C LESSIN1884), G. rotula (BENSON 1850), and Lymnaea kashmirensis P RASHAD1925. The anatomy of evaluation of the extant freshwater snail biodiversity in Nepal.


freshwater gastropodsnepalnorth indianew species