Original paper

New data on Cymenorytis COSSMANN from Mediterranean-Atlantic Pliocene and Paratethyan Miocene, with the description of two new species

Sosso, Maurizio; Dell Angelo, Bruno; Bonfitto, Antonio


This study is based on specimens ofCymenorytis COSSMANN 1888 from several Italian and Spanish Pliocene localities. Two species,C. landaui andC. dellabellai, which were reported before correlated toMacromphalus brandenburgi (BOETTGER 1907), are described as new.C. brandenburgi is described and illustrated, on the basis of specimens from Ukraine and a comparison with a (Badenian) of Ukraine.C. landaui (Spain), whileC. dellabellai Italian localities), and the European Atlantic Pliocene (Huelva, Spain).


gastropodavanikoridaecymenorytisnew speciesneogeneitalyspainukraineparatethys