Original paper

New data on deep water Baikal limpets found in hydrothermal vents and oil-seeps

Sitnikova, Tatiana Y.; Shirokaya, Alena A.


This paper presents the first data on the ecology of deep water limpets from Lake Baikal. The authors discuss variability of shell shape, morphology of egg masses, distribution and trophic relationships of Pseudancylastrum frolikhae Sitnikova & Starobogatov 1993 (Pulmonata: Basommatophora: Acroloxidae). In Frolikha Bay, the species occurs in two morphotypes. Bacteria that are likely ectosymbionts have been detected on the shell and egg masses. Both gut content and stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes data suggest mixotrophic type of mollusc feeding. The gregarines found on the gut surface of P. frolikhae are new to science (gen. and sp. nov.). This is the first record of gregarines in freshwater gastropods. The paper also discusses reproductive mechanisms in deep water vent and seep Baikal limpets.


lake baikalhydrothermal ventslimpetsAcroloxidaelife historyectosymbiontsgregarines.