Original paper

Revision of the genus Teralatirus Coomans 1965 in the Western Atlantic, with an anatomical description of T. roboreus (Reeve 1845) (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Fasciolariidae)

Simone, Luiz Ricardo L.; Cavallari, Daniel C.; Abbate Daniel,


A supposed single species of the fasciolariid genus Teralatirus occurring in the Western Atlantic is revised. Two species are recognized. One of them is T. roboreus (Reeve 1845), a revalidation and new combination, being an older name for the previously known T. ernesti Melvill 1910 (the type species). Its distribution is expanded southward, from the Caribbean to Rio Grande do Norte state, Brazil, and a detailed study of its anatomy is presented. It displays a regular fasciolariid fashion, except for the plug-like head, the diminishment of the radular apparatus, the loss of the gland of Leiblein and the presence of a wide esophageal gland. The remaining species is T. festivus Haas 1941, a revalidation, differing from the other species mainly by having a colorful shell with variable outline. Its distribution is restricted to the Caribbean.


AnatomymorphologytaxonomyFasciolariidaeWestern AtlanticTeralatirus