Original paper

Bathyal and abyssal Pectinoidea from the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (Bivalvia: Propeamussiidae, Entoliidae, Pectinidae)

Dijkstra, Henk H.; Janssen, Ronald


Sixteen species of Pectinoidea (12 Propeamussiidae, 1 Entoliidae and 3 Pectinidae), collected during several expeditions to the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden are listed, with notes on geographical and bathymetrical distributions, nomenclature and taxonomy. Three propeamussiid species are new to science: Propeamussium arabicum, Cyclopecten erythraeensis, Cyclopecten meteorae, and two pectinoid species are new records for the Red Sea: Parvamussium scitulum (Propeamussiidae), Pectinella aequoris (Entoliidae). Lectotypes are selected for P. steindachneri (sturany) and P. Siebenrocki (sturany).


BivalviaPectinoideataxonomynew speciesbiogeographydeep waterRed SeaGulf of Aden