Original paper

Occurrence of Benthonella Dall 1889 in the Cenozoic (Paleogene) of France: a present-day abyssal and bathyal mollusc (Gastropoda: Caenogastropoda: Rissoidae)

Lozouet, Pierre


Benthonella, one of the most characteristic genera of the abyssal fauna, has a fossil history reaching back to the Lower Eocene. The five species recognized in the Paleogene of the Aquitaine Basin have been collected in the marl deposits corresponding to muddy bottoms of the deep continental shelf and upper bathyal part. Four new species of Benthonella are described: one from the Lower Eocene (Ypresian), one from the Middle Eocene (Lutetian) and two from the Upper Eocene (Priabonian).


aquitaine basinpriaboniantetianypresian