Original paper

Eurytellina angrensis, a new species from southeastern Brazilian coast, with anatomical details (Bivalvia: Tellinoidea)

Marques, R.C.; Simone, Luiz Ricardo L.


Eurytellina is one of the most common tellinid genera in the Western Atlantic. Eurytellina an- grensis is a new species here described, from the Southeast Brazilian Coast (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santa Catarina states). It resembles externally E. punicea , E. alternata and E. tayloriana, differing mainly by more upward umbo, a thin shell, translucent and two reddish blotches, each one in posterior and anterior regions of external surface. Based on the searched anatomy, it could be inferred that E. angrensis processes large amount of material deposited or in suspension, based on the gill-palp ratio 1:1; the absence of one of external lamellae; the ventral channel above mantle edge; and the siphonal tentacles poorly developed.


anatomyatlanticeurytellinafeeding modesrio de janeirosão paulotaxonomytellinidae