Pupilla (Pupilla) kyrostriata n. sp. from Transcaucasia (Gastropoda: Pupillidae)

Walther, Frank; Hausdorf, Bernhard


Pupilla (Pupilla) kyrostriata n. sp. from the drainage area of the Kura in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan is most similar to the Armenian Pupilla (Pupilla) bipapulata akramoWski from which it differs in the on average broader shell, the coarser sculpture, the usually longer lower palatal fold, the lack of an upper palatal fold (with exception of one specimen), and the usually more distinct impression behind the cervical crest. Pupilla kyrostriata differs from Pupilla (Pupilla) triplicata (studer), with which it occurs partly syntopically, in the coarse striation and the more convex whorls. Some authors misidentified Pupilla kyrostriata with P. sterrii from which it differs in the on average smaller shell with a columellar lamella and a strong, longish palatal fold, which is situated more deeply in the aperture. The first records of P. sterrii from the Caucasus region are from the Baksan valley in the northern Great Caucasus.


armeniaazerbaijancaucasusgeorgianew speciespupillarussia