Original paper

A review of the Mexican and Central American land snails of the genus Eucalodium Crosse & Fischer (Pulmonata: Urocoptoidea: Eucalodiidae)

Thompson, Fred G.


The taxonomy of the genus Eucalodium is reviewed. Twelve new species are described: Eucalodium (Eucalodium) cervinus n. sp., Eucalodium (Oligostylus) filicostatum n. sp., Eucalodium (Oligostylus) huehuetenangoense n. sp., Eucalodium (Oligostylus) smithi n. sp., Eucalodium (Oligostylus) arduum n. sp., Eucalodium (Oligostylus) slapcinskyi n. sp., Eucalodium (Oligostylus) erugatum n. sp., Eucalodium (Oligostylus) cyclops n. sp., Eucalodium (Resupinata) comalapense n. sp., Eucalodium ( Resupinata) obesum n. sp., Eucalodium (Resupinata) eurystoma n. sp. Brady- plax n. subgen. is proposed for Eucalodium (Bradyplax) aglacyma n. sp. Eucalodium (Bradyplax) ischnostele ( pilsbry 1909) is transferred from Coelocentrum. Diagnoses are given for most previ- ously described species. New descriptions are given for E. (Resupinata) speciosum speciosum (Dunker 1844) (= Cylindrella speciosa dunker 1844) and E. (Oligostylus) hegewischi (barTsch 1947). Neotypes are designated for Cylindrella speciosa dunker 1844 and for Bulimus truncatus pFeiFFer 1841. A lectotype is designated for Cylindrella boucardi pFeiFFer 1856. Eucalodium (Resupinata) deshayesianum crosse & Fischer 1872 is first recorded from a definite locality. The subgenus Ptychocentrum, with species marianum barTsch 1943 is transferred from Coelocentrum to Eucalodium.


belizeeucalodiumgastropodaguatemalahondurasmexiconeotypesnew speciesnew subgenussystematicsurocoptoidea