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The fossil pulmonate snails of Sandelzhausen (Early/Middle Miocene, Germany) (Hygrophila, Punctoidea and limacoids)

Salvador, Rodrigo B.; Rasser, Michael W.

Archiv für Molluskenkunde International Journal of Malacology Band 143 Heft 2 (2014), p. 187 - 202

47 references

published: Dec 10, 2014

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Sandelzhausen is an Early/Middle Miocene (Mammal Neogene zone MN5) fossil site near Mainburg, southern Germany, home to a very rich fossil record. Hundreds of fossil continental mollusks, almost exclusively pulmonates snails, were recovered during the excavations, but received scarce attention by researchers. Here is presented the third and last part of a taxonomical treatment of the fossil pulmonates from Sandelzhausen, dealing with the superfamilies Lymnaeoidea, Planorboidea, Punctoidea, Gastrodontoidea and Limacoidea. The following species were found in the material: Galba dupuyiana, Lymnaea dilatata and Radix socialis (Lymnaeidae); Ferrissia deperdita, Gyraulus albertanus, Gyraulus dealbatus, Hippeutis sp., Planorbarius cornu and Segmentina lartetii (Planorbidae); Discus pleuradrus (Discidae); Lucilla subteres (Helicodiscidae); Janulus supracostatus (Gastrodontidae); Archaeozonites sp. (Gastrodontoidea incertae sedis: Archaeozonitinae); Limax sp. (Limacidae); Vitrina sp. (Vitrinidae).


BasommatophoraGastropodaMN5 European Mammal Neogene zonePulmonataStylommatophora