Original paper

The Cincinna aliena (Westerlund 1877) species group in Russian water bodies (Heterobranchia: Valvatidae)

Sitnikova, Tatiana; Prozorova, Larisa; Sharyi-ool, Mariana; Kiyashko, Pavel; Kupchinsky Alexander,


We here present new and summarize published data on five gastropod species from Russian water bodies of the genus Cincinna (C. aliena, C. confusa, C. sorensis, C. korotnevi, and C. brevicula), which have either been considered to be subspecies of Valvata aliena or distinct species of the family Valvatidae. The data considered in the present study include photographs of the types, shells from various locations, scanning electron microscope images of teleo- and protoconch sculptures, the detailed lists of references, locality records, shell morphometry, and ecology. The data showed a low level of morphological differentiation in the discussed species group and hence brought up new questions in the taxonomy and the nature of radiations of snails of the subgenus Sibirovalvata.


freshwater valvatidsCincinna aliena species groupshell variabilityRussia