Original paper

Veronicellidae in Argentina: taxonomy, morphology and distribution (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Systellomatophora)

Santin, Rodrigo A.; Miquel, Sergio E.


In Argentina, slugs of the Veronicellidae family are distributed in wet habitats throughout both tropical and temperate regions. Eight taxa were identified through the characterization of external and internal features, principally, those related to the reproductive system: female pore position, spermatheca and canalis junctor aspect, presence of the female accessory gland; and penis, spathe and penial gland morphology. The species recorded were Angustipes difficilis, Phyllocaulis soleiformis, P. tuberculosus, P. variegatus, Latipes erinaceus, Latipes sp., Heterovaginina sp. and Sarasinula linguaeformis. The genus Phyllocaulis has the southernmost distribution (39ºS); Heterovaginina sp. was recorded for the first time in Argentina living at 3340 m. elevation in the northwestern region of the country.


South AmericaPulmonataPhyllocaulisAngustipesHeterovagininaLatipesSarasinulagenitalia