Original paper

A contribution to the knowledge of Late Miocene freshwater hydrobiids from Tuscany (Central Italy) (Gastropoda Prosobranchia: Rissooidea)

Esu, Daniela; Girotti, Odoardo


Two Late Miocene intramontane basins of western Tuscany (Central Italy), Baccinello-Cinigiano and Velona, yielded very rich non-marine molluscan assemblages. Five new hydrobiids species recorded from the two basins are described here: Islamia bambolii n. sp. and Mercuria baccinelliana n. sp. from the Upper Tortonian deposits of the Baccinello-Cinigiano Basin; Belgrandia velonae n. sp., Islamia amiatae n. sp., and Socenia antonellae n. sp. from the Lower Messinian of the Velona Basin. It deals of the first record of the genera Islamia Radoman 1973, Belgrandia Bourguignat 1869, Mercuria Boeters 1971, and Socenia Jekelius 1944 from the Italian Miocene.


Freshwater gastropodsHydrobiidaesystematicsnew speciesLate MioceneTuscanyItaly