Original paper

New records of terrestrial molluscs of the Juan Fernández Archipelago (Chile), with the description of a new genus and species of Charopidae (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora)

Miquel, Sergio Eduardo; Araya, Juan Francisco


New additions to the land mollusk fauna of the Juan Fernández Archipelago (Chile) are presented for the first time since Odhner (1922). The specimens were collected incidental to arthropod species obtained by the Berlese method in Robinson Crusoe Island in 2011. A new Charopidae Neoparyphantopsis crusoeana gen. and sp. n. is described. A new name is established for the achatinellid Tornatellina aperta Odhner 1922 (non Tornatellina aperta Pease 1864). A new combination is proposed for Punctum conicum Odhner 1922, transferring this species from the genus Punctum Morse 1864 of family Punctidae to the genus Sinployea Solem 1983, of the family Charopidae; and five species belonging to the genera Amphidoxa Albers 1850, Fernandezia Hyatt & Pilsbry 1911, Sinployea Solem 1983 and Tornatellina Pfeiffer 1842 are re-described. Also, the first occurrence of a Vertiginidae species in Chile is recorded. All of the studied taxa are so far endemic to the Juan Fernández Archipelago. The present paper confirms the status of Robinson Crusoe Island as the commune with the richest fauna of terrestrial snails in Chile relative to its area.


StylommatophoraPulmonataSouth AmericaAchatinellidaeCharopidaeVertiginidae