Original paper

Fossil land and freshwater gastropods from the Middle Miocene of Bechingen and Daugendorf, southwestern Germany

Salvador, Rodrigo B.; Rasser, Michael W.


This study presents a taxonomic treatment of the fossil land and freshwater gastropods from Bechingen and Daugendorf (Riedlingen, Baden-Württemberg state, SW Germany). The fossils stem from the Tautschbuch carbonate unit, which belongs to the so-called Silvana Beds of the Upper Freshwater Molasse. Nineteen gastropod species (mainly pulmonates) are reported here from Bechingen and eleven from Daugendorf, belonging to the families: Pachychilidae, Bithynidae, Pomatiidae, Lymnaeidae, Planorbidae, Subulinidae, Cochlicopidae, Elonidae, Helicidae, Hygromiidae, Trissexodontidae, Discidae, Gastrocoptidae, Succineidae, Oleacinidae and possibly Chondrinidae and Zonitidae. Two species previously mentioned on the literature from Bechingen were not found in the present material: Pseudoleacina eburnea and Janulus supracostatus. The gastropod fauna agrees with the previously proposed paleoenvironment consisting of shallow temporary lakes or ponds surrounded by reeds.


CaenogastropodaLanghianPulmonataSilvana BedsTautschbuchUpper Freshwater MolasseGermanyBaden-Württemberg