Original paper

New Plio-Pleistocene freshwater gastropods from Tuscany and Umbria, with comments about confined Neogene-Quaternary basins of Central Italy (Gastropoda: Viviparidae, Hydrobiidae)

Esu, Daniela; Girotti, Odoardo


The present paper describes eight new freshwater gastropods recorded from three Plio-Pleistocene non-marine basins of Central Italy: Viviparus basilicii n. sp., Viviparus martanus n. sp., and Belgrandia zlatae n. sp. from the Late Pliocene?-Early Pleistocene of the Tiberino Basin in Umbria; Pyrgula subdola n. sp., Pyrgula vinearum n. sp., Prososthenia pesae n. sp., and Prososthenia sambuci n. sp. from the Early Pliocene of Val di Pesa (Valdelsa Basin) in Tuscany, and Prososthenia benvenutii n. sp. from the late Early Pleistocene of the Tuscan Mugello Basin. These basins, together with several others, have been recognized as belonging, since the Late Miocene, to a confined area comprised between the Tyrrhenian coast and the north-central Apennine arch.


New speciesNon-marine gastropodsSystematicsPliocenePleistoceneCentral Italyendemism