Original paper

Taxonomical study on a sample of land snails from Alto Ribeira State Park (São Paulo, Brazil), with description of a new species

Salvador, Rodrigo B.; Cavallari, Daniel C.; Simone, Luiz R. L.


A sample of land snails, mainly pulmonates, was recently collected in caves in the Alto Ribeira State and Tourist Park (“Parque Estadual Turístico do Alto Ribeira” [PETAR], in Portuguese), an important tourism spot in São Paulo state, Brazil. Overall, twenty-one species were found, the following being reported for the first time for São Paulo state: Alcadia iheringi (Helicinidae); Lamellaxis mizius (Subulinidae); Zilchogyra (Trochogyra) superba and Radiodiscus promatensis (Charopidae); Entodina gionensis and Scolodonta interrupta (Systrophiidae). A new species, Bahiensis ribeirensis sp. nov. (Odontostomidae), is described herein. The new records and species addressed here constitute important findings, improving distributional maps and the knowledge of the local molluscan fauna. This is an essential step for future conservation efforts, especially of the poorly studied Brazilian troglofauna.