Original paper

Illustrated checklist of newly described (2006–2016) land and freshwater Gastropoda from Brazil

Birckolz, Carlos J.; Salvador, Rodrigo B.; Cavallari, Daniel C.; Simone, Luiz R. L.


A list of Brazilian terrestrial and freshwater gastropod species and genera described from 2006 to 2016 is presented, updating the previous catalogue of Simone (2006). Colored photographs of type specimens, as well as information on type material, distribution and taxonomy are also provided. The list encompasses 42 recently described species, largely pulmonates, including 39 terrestrial, and three freshwater taxa. New genera are: Syneancylus Gutiérrez Gregoric 2014; Clinispira Simone & Casati 2013; Habeas Simone 2013; Kora Simone 2012; Olympus Simone 2010; Spiripockia Simone 2012 and Vegrandinia Salvador, Cunha & Simone 2013. The appendix lists native species whose known geographical ranges in Brazil have been extended considerably during this period, as well as those previously unrecognized in Brazil.


CaenogastropodaPulmonatatype localitytype specimens