Original paper

A new Obelus Hartmann 1842 species from the Jandía Peninsula, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, with the description of Grohiellus n. subgen. Helicoidea: Geomitridae: Cochlicellini

Neiber, Marco T.; Walther, Frank; Santana, Jesús; Alonso, Maria R.; Ibáñez, Miguel


The genus Obelus currently contains seven living species from the Canary Islands and Morocco and at least six additional fossil species from the Neogene of Fuerteventura (of the latter, only O. heiligorum, is scientifically named). Obelus shares with the genera Cochlicella, including the subgenus Prietocella, and with Monilearia, including the subgenus Lyrula, the presence of a very characteristic vaginal appendage which differs in anatomical details among these taxa. We here describe a new species, Obelus zarzaensis, from the Jandía Peninsula (Fuerteventura, Canary Islands) and compare it with similar species from the Canary Islands. Furthermore, a new subgenus, Grohiellus, is proposed which differs from Obelus s. str. by a relatively long A2 section of the vaginal appendage with a vestigial blind sac and by a long flagellum which is only slightly shorter than the epiphallus.


GastropodaPulmonataStylommatophoragenital anatomynarrow-range endemic