Original paper

Monacha (Metatheba) tibarenica sp. nov. (Gastropoda: Hygromiidae) from northern Turkey

Neiber, Marco T.; Hausdorf, Bernhard


Monacha (Metatheba) tibarenica sp. nov. from Giresun province in the Pontus Mountains in northern Turkey shares with Monacha (Metatheba?) phazimonitica Hausdorf, 2000 and Monacha (Metatheba?) gemina Hausdorf, 2000 from the Pontus Mountains a whitish shell and the lack of an appendicula and of a penis retractor muscle. Monacha tibarenica sp. nov. differs from both species in a smaller shell with an umbilicus that is completely obscured by the columellar edge. Anatomically, M. tibarenica sp. nov. differs from M. phazimonitica in a smaller epiphallus: flagellum ratio and from M. gemina in higher epiphallus: penis and epiphallus: vagina ratios.


MonachaAnatoliaPontus MountainsHelicoideaHygromiidaeTrochulinaeMonachaini